Getting rid of first timer gym anxiety

So I heard you're thinking of starting to hit the gym? Yea. Going to the gym for the first time isn't exactly the most enjoyable thing for most people I could imagine. Not because they lack motivation, but rather, the fear of being judged. Being judged for not knowing some gym ethics; being judged for... Continue Reading →


A software engineer wannabe

"Chill. I'm not a real engineer - just a software engineer", that's what I always tell people who give me this weird look when I say I'm heading towards the software world. As I am typing this, I'm currently a Year1 Software Engineering student from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. As a student of... Continue Reading →

Under the bar. Over the knurlings.

You set your feet, body, and mind as you approach the bar for the god-knows-how-many-th time. Taking a deep breath, you fill up your abdomen and chest cavity with air, creating intra-abdominal pressure that pushes against your tightly secured belt. With your rough, flaky chalked hands, you bend down to grab the bar, and like... Continue Reading →


Hello there! Hope you're doing well, random wanderer of the web! Welcome to Just Another Dude, a blog where you could spend hours here discussing nearly anything under the sun, read some of the posts here that may/may not be beneficial to you, or just procrastinate life with another fellow 20-year-old from Malaysia. But before... Continue Reading →

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