My take on Crossfit/Functional Fitness training etc

This past summer (2017), I worked at a CrossFit centre as a social media manager, in return for unlimited free entries to the gym. Yup. Basically, I churn out about 2-3 posts per week for both Facebook and Instagram. It could be motivational, informative, announcements etc. But that's not what this post is about. More on... Continue Reading →


How to save a workout

Lifting weights might be a chore for some, or an enjoyment for others. That being said, how ever motivated you may be, there are going to be days where you simply do not feel like heading to the gym. A long day's worth of work, creeping life pressures, or even just a change in the... Continue Reading →

Getting rid of first timer gym anxiety

So I heard you're thinking of starting to hit the gym? Yea. Going to the gym for the first time isn't exactly the most enjoyable thing for most people I could imagine. Not because they lack motivation, but rather, the fear of being judged. Being judged for not knowing some gym ethics; being judged for... Continue Reading →


Under the bar. Over the knurlings.

You set your feet, body, and mind as you approach the bar for the god-knows-how-many-th time. Taking a deep breath, you fill up your abdomen and chest cavity with air, creating intra-abdominal pressure that pushes against your tightly secured belt. With your rough, flaky chalked hands, you bend down to grab the bar, and like... Continue Reading →


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