Understanding Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in 3 levels

For those of you who have your feet somewhat wet in the ocean of programming, surely you must've come across the concept of Object-Oriented Programming, or in short, OOP. What is it? How to best utilize it? What is the hype around it all about? Prerequisites I would be utilizing examples in the deeper levels... Continue Reading →


Understanding websites in 3 levels

We surf them; search them; do payments with them; sell and buy with them; even perform the (arguably) despicable acts of self-pleasuring with them. They come in different forms – from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc), e-commerce (eBay, Zalora, Lazada etc), to social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Google plus etc). Yet, all of them follow... Continue Reading →

Understanding functions in 3 levels

Function is an important concept in programming, mathematics, and many other fields. However, throughout my 3 years of learning about functions in mathematics in my high school up till my foundation year in university, I still don’t quite get the concept of what functions really are, or are meant to represent. Yes, the formal definition,... Continue Reading →

A software engineer wannabe

"Chill. I'm not a real engineer - just a software engineer", that's what I always tell people who give me this weird look when I say I'm heading towards the software world. As I am typing this, I'm currently a Year1 Software Engineering student from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. As a student of... Continue Reading →

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