Yup, that's me

Daniel Kwok, a 19-year-old millennial who believes in making the most out of life. I write this blog mostly to express most of my compressed thoughts and try to get some useful content out there, but in conjunction also try to reach out and connect to any wandering individual out there who might, or strive to have the same outlook on life as I do.


About me

  • Software Engineer student – particularly interested in the field of web development and developing software solutions for companies
  • Powerlifter for fun. Current stats for the squat, bench and deadlift stands around 120kg, 80kg, and 170kg respectively @ 65kg bodyweight.
  • EDM lover. Favorite genres – hardstyle and progressive house. Hardwell ❤
  • Coffee addict. Cold brew team for life.

About me too

  • I like to stay occupied. Busy. Just the thought of being idle makes me anxious.
  • Ex-cheerleader.
  • Violin and organ player
  • I like mangos. A lot.
  • An atheist.
  • I have flat foot
  • I’m shorter in real life.


If you would like to hook up, get a cup of coffee some day, feel free to contact me via my social media platform, or just send me a quick message down below!



– Just another dude


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