Hello there!

Hope you’re doing well, random wanderer of the web! Welcome to Just Another Dude, a blog where you could spend hours here discussing nearly anything under the sun, read some of the posts here that may/may not be beneficial to you, or just procrastinate life with another fellow 20-year-old from Malaysia.

But before that, a little bit about who I am. Or, skip this next paragraph if you don’t give a fuck.

My name is Daniel. Born 1997 in the small town of Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia. Currently 19 as I am writing this, I’m a guy who probably consumes just a little too much coffee than he should be, lifts a little more weights than what other people thought he could’ve, skipped a little too many classes than he should, listens to music a little too loud than his peers would’ve advised him to, and not to mention, works and enjoy hustling just like he ought to be. Yup, you’re reading words from a fellow coffee addict, a powerlifter, a student from The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus studying Software Engineering, an EDM lover, and all in all, just another workaholic who believes in making the most out of life.

Throughout this blog of mine, I’ll be conveying my adventures, stories, personal philosophies, and tips and tricks that I’d picked up along the way in my pursuit of getting life’s fulfillment (maybe with just a sprinkle of bullshit random post(s) here and there), mostly circulating around these few mentioned areas.

Enough being said, that’s all from me, comment down below if you have any thoughts on topics that you would like me to cover!


– Just another dude


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