Hello there! Hope you're doing well, random wanderer of the web! Welcome to Just Another Dude, a blog where you could spend hours here discussing nearly anything under the sun, read some of the posts here that may/may not be beneficial to you, or just procrastinate life with another fellow 20-year-old from Malaysia. But before... Continue Reading →

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Understanding Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in 3 levels

For those of you who have your feet somewhat wet in the ocean of programming, surely you must've come across the concept of Object-Oriented Programming, or in short, OOP. What is it? How to best utilize it? What is the hype around it all about? Prerequisites I would be utilizing examples in the deeper levels... Continue Reading →

Understanding websites in 3 levels

We surf them; search them; do payments with them; sell and buy with them; even perform the (arguably) despicable acts of self-pleasuring with them. They come in different forms – from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc), e-commerce (eBay, Zalora, Lazada etc), to social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Google plus etc). Yet, all of them follow... Continue Reading →

How to save a workout

Lifting weights might be a chore for some, or an enjoyment for others. That being said, how ever motivated you may be, there are going to be days where you simply do not feel like heading to the gym. A long day's worth of work, creeping life pressures, or even just a change in the... Continue Reading →

Understanding functions in 3 levels

Function is an important concept in programming, mathematics, and many other fields. However, throughout my 3 years of learning about functions in mathematics in my high school up till my foundation year in university, I still don’t quite get the concept of what functions really are, or are meant to represent. Yes, the formal definition,... Continue Reading →

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